Opened in 1918 with the name of Chiodo Apartments

- Designed for upper to middle class families.

- Recently renovated for more modern feel to the younger generation.

- Built close to downtown for easy commute and convenience of being in the heart oh Omaha.

- Large bedrooms and apartment sizes, as well as walk in closets were a luxury throughout the years.

- Retains original elegance and charm of Omaha's historic heritage.

- Built of stone and masonry work and Corinthian columns from the old Douglas County Courthouse demolished in 1912.

- Four stained glass entries with the letter "C" for Chiodo.

Builder Vincent Chiodo (1869 - 1949)

- Arrived in Omaha from Italy in 1885.

- Worked as a tailor.

- Later became a Real Estate developer, designing apartment buildings clustered in the area near 24th and Leavenworth.

- Became Omaha's first Italian born millionaire and Italian vice consul in the city.

- His home is restored and located one block south of Lancaster Flats.

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  • Lancaster Flats
  • Lancaster Flats

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Lancaster Apartments

Completed 1918